Never Eat Solo! Official Dinner with Friends in Atlanta

Group Description

What do a neurosurgeon, a graduate student, and a garbage-man have in common?

They all belong to NeverEatSolo!

We all have something in common.

And there is one thing that always seems to bring us together...


Collectively we all make up an amazing group.

Unlike other groups, NeverEatSolo is NOT set up around one organizer.


Getting involved is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Host a dinner. Hosts don't pay fees!

2. We announce to bring people together.

3. Attend and expand your real social network.

Atlanta is a melting pot of people that offer many different experiences. These experiences can bring us one step closer to so many things.

Great Ideas,†Friendships, or even†a new way of looking at the world

Don't worry about the little details, the NeverEatSolo team is here to help with all the work:

Tell us what you like, where you want to eat, and weíll get others to join you at the table.

Soon youíll be able to expand your group of friends and enjoy some of the best food ever.


When is the last time you had dinner with someone of another race? Income class? Orientation? Culture? How about Religion? Take the chance.

The worldís oldest social networking tool is sitting right in front of you.

Join NeverEatSolo today and become one of over a thousand members to embrace the concept of†synergizing†with others to be better than before!

About NES:

What is this?

This group is part of a network of NeverEatSolo groups that I've established. I currently have groups in Long Island, Atlanta, Mississippi, Birmingham, Manhattan and now Miami!

Who am I?

Iím Paul and I make things go smoothly, that's my job. I run groups NES in 7 states so donít be surprised if you donít always see me. I promise Iím not always required for you to have a great time. Feel free to contact me anytime on meetup or at