Atlanta Vegan and Healthy Lifestyle Celebration

Group Description

Regardless of where you are on the plant-based diet continuum, there's a place for you in this group as long as you can be respectful of others on their journey. Regardless of whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian or an open omnivore who can enjoy a plant-based meal, it can still be rewarding to spend time and learn from like-minded people. It can also be enlightening and interesting to learn from our differences as well. And regardless of your reason for a plant-based diet (ethical/health/ religious/spiritual/environmental), we can all be together to enjoy great food and fellowship.

While everyone is welcome, ALL meals out will be VEGETARIAN OR VEGAN. Potlucks will tend to be vegan so that everyone can eat everything. If you are not a vegan or vegetarian and find it difficult to go without meat/animal products for a meal, this is not the group for you!

Much of this group will be focused on food get-togethers (eating out at restaurants and potlucks), but we can also do some things that add to a life well-lived and healthy: hikes, yoga, tai chi, walks, concerts, and so on. This group will be about the celebration of a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. So let's enjoy ourselves and each other! To this end, there will be expectations such as being respectful of our differences and not promoting business-related activities or pseudoscience or religious activities.